'Village Voices' - Reminiscences of Witham Friary

Recorded by the Witham Friary History Project and published for the first time in this collection, residents of the parish recount life in the village from the 1920s onwards; country courtships; wartime; Beeching’s axe; farm, school and pub.

Village Voices brings to life the landscapes and traditions of Witham Friary in Somerset, from centuries-old Friendly Society rituals, carol singing on Christmas Eve, to more recent times placing the village in conflict with the Duke of Somerset and the private water he still supplies.

Edited with a wry sense of humour and a powerful sense of history, the collection contains 12 evocative transcripts on England through seasons and years.

'Village Voices' is available for purchase from the Seymour Arms, price £10

To order a copy of Village Voices by post please send a cheque made payable to The Witham Friary History Society for £12.50 (£10 + £2.50 p&p) to:

The Witham Friary History Society, Friarsmede, Witham Friary, Somerset BA11 5HD